Exploring Thailand: Best Routes for Road Trips

Thailand, the captivating jewel of Southeast Asia, beckons travelers with its diverse landscapes, rich culture, and mouthwatering cuisine. For those seeking the freedom of the open road, Thailand’s vast and varied terrains offer some of the most scenic drives. Whether you’re driving a newly acquired vehicle or a trusty old motorbike, these road trip routes will let you explore the best of the Land of Smiles. So, fasten your seatbelt and let’s get started!

1. The Mae Hong Son Loop

Duration: 4-7 days Highlights: Start from Chiang Mai and set out on this 600 km loop through deep valleys, misty mountains, and authentic Thai villages. Visit Pai, a bohemian paradise, and the picturesque Mae Hong Son with its twin lakes.

Tips: The route has over 1,800 turns! Ensure your vehicle is in top shape, and your brakes are responsive.

2. Bangkok to Ayutthaya

Duration: 1 day Highlights: A short drive from the bustling capital, Ayutthaya, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offers ancient ruins and grand temples. Witness the famous Buddha head entwined within tree roots at Wat Mahathat.

Tips: Start early to avoid Bangkok’s peak traffic and to maximize your time exploring Ayutthaya.

3. The Andaman Sea Drive

Duration: 5-8 days Highlights: Begin in Phuket and drive down the coastline, passing through Krabi with its dramatic limestone cliffs and the tranquil Trang islands. Dive, swim, and indulge in fresh seafood along the way.

Tips: Check the weather forecast, especially during monsoon season. Some areas might experience flooding.

4. The Mekong Route

Duration: 7-10 days Highlights: Kickstart from Nakhon Phanom and follow the mighty Mekong river, touching Ubon Ratchathani and Khong Chiam. Revel in the scenic beauty, visit the Pha Taem National Park, and witness a mesmerizing sunrise.

Tips: Carry essential supplies as certain stretches are remote.

5. The Historic Route: Kanchanaburi to Sukhothai

Duration: 3-5 days Highlights: Dive into Thailand’s history, starting from the Death Railway in Kanchanaburi, moving to the Erawan Falls, and culminating in Sukhothai—Thailand’s first capital.

Tips: Wear comfortable shoes. There’s a lot of walking involved in Sukhothai’s historical park.


Thailand’s breathtaking landscapes make it an unparalleled destination for road trips. While its beaches and cities are popular tourist spots, it’s the journeys across its roads that offer a deeper, more intimate understanding of the country. With the wind in your hair and a well-maintained vehicle beneath you, Thailand’s routes promise memories to last a lifetime.

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