Motorbikes and Scooters in Thailand: The Rules and what you should know!

Many travelers to Thailand have been by-passing services, like public transportation and automobiles with drivers, and are driving themselves.

The brief answer?  Yes.

If you want to drive a car or ride a bike in Thailand, you’ll have to have absolute nerves of steel to survive emotionally and physically.  The nation has an appalling road safety record and there are lots of accidents, despite many government security initiatives over the years. Thailand rates second on the planet for road fatalities per capita, supporting Libya.  You need to have a license — one from house (best paired with a global driver’s permit) — or you can get one in Thailand, and it has to be for the type of vehicle you’re intending to hire.

If you don’t have a motorbike license back home, you don’t magically acquire one by flying to Thailand.  Millions of people every year lease a motorbike and ride around Thailand totally unlicensed.  It is illegal. You’ll need a driving license from your home country if you want to hire a motorbike or car.  

But if you do not have an international permit or a Thai license, you’ll be driving. Imagine if you are stopped by police?  It’s true, you can usually cover the police officer away for a few dollars, not that we urge that

The fact that the shop rented you the bicycle without asking for the license, does not mean that you don’t need you.  It is not their responsibility in case you don’t check out the local law. Aside from the fact nobody should be viewed on a scooter with a sewing machine engine for propulsion — you still need a license; it is only in certain European nations that licenses are not required for under 50cc engines.

But everyone’s doing it!  Tens of thousands of visitors each year lease a motorcycle or scooter, ride around unlicensed and get away with it.  It is illegal.Many travelers report compiling the bike box on their International Driver’s Permit.  If the policeman who stops you’re n`t fooled, you’ll pay a”fine”, and he will let you go on your merry way.  This doesn’t mean that you are riding legally; you have just avoided the legislation by paying a bribe.You are able to keep on riding no matter, however what if you’ve got a crash, and you need to call on your travel insurance?  

It is pretty simple;

no legitimate permit means you’re riding illegally and you are not covered.If you attempted that”everyone’s doing it!”  Stuff in your own mother, we are pretty sure she would want to know whether you were planning to jump off a cliff when everybody else was doing this.  So listen to your mom.If you don’t possess a valid license in the nation where the incident happened, you are riding illegally and you are not covered.  

If you’re not sure, provide your travel insurance provider a call.You can’t insure against illegal activity.  If the store allows you to rent a bicycle without asking for your license, it doesn’t mean that you do not need one.  Again, it’s not their responsibility.  It’s yours to assess local laws before you go.Am I covered if I forgive myself on a motorbike?

Injury from a motorcycle accident is among the most frequent claims obtained by insurers.In the event you suffer serious injuries, and also you require medical evacuation, the cost could run to $100,000 or more.Don`t be duped, the insurer will assess if you’ve got a valid license (forging that global license isn’t looking so smart anymore).

Do not be an idiot with your own safety· Wear a helmet — preferably full-face· Wear protective clothing — long pants and a coat of sturdy material.  Flip-flops, a t-shirt, and shorts do not count as tough.  We know it’s hard when it’s stinking hot and humid in Thailand, you are just zipping back from the shore  Ouch!· Don’t accelerate, drink or do drugs and ride· Do not ride at nighttime. Should you end up in a crash, whether you are at fault or not, if you are a farang (visitor), the accident is your fault.  Don’t fight it, but negotiate to keep the costs down.

Going to give the motorbike a miss today?  There are Lots of other transport options in Thailand

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