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Do you need help getting a Thai Drivers Licence? TDLS is here to assist you.

We make the process of obtaining a Thai driver’s license as smooth and painless for you as possible. Whether you want to secure a brand new driver’s license or you want to switch to a Thai Driver’s license, we got you covered!

Who we are

TDLS is an organization whose sole purpose is helping Expats acquire a driver’s license in Thailand. We understand the potential struggles that you might face, which is why we take care of all the paperwork and legal procedures on your behalf.

What we do!

Our Services

We offer multiple services related to licensing and registration at affordable rates.

Our wide menu of services available include the following:

  • Obtaining a new driver's license in Thailand
  • Switching from a Foreign license to a Thai license
  • Duplicating a license following the loss of your original license
  • Driving exam preparation
  • Vehicle registration
  • Transfer of vehicle ownership
  • Vehicle Insurance

Our Misson

Our mission is to offer you all the registration and licensing related services under one roof in a highly efficient and effective manner.

Our Vison

Our vision is to make the licensing and registration of vehicles a convenient and stress-free process.

meet the team

Our Experts

TDLS boasts a team of industry experts who strive to ensure that each client receives a smooth and personable experience. At TDLS, we believe that employees play an integral role in shaping the quality and growth of a business.

Therefore, we have carefully selected a group of highly experienced, professional individuals who have extensive knowledge of the Thai Licensing system and who are committed to providing quality customer service. Each member of our team will work diligently with his or her client, offering them personalized attention in order to ensure all of the client’s needs are met.

Whether you’re trying to obtain your first driver’s license or simply convert a foreign one, our expert will enthusiastically guide you through the process from beginning to end.

what make us different!

Our Competencies


We believe in professionalism, and that’s what we practice. We will provide you with all the information and service related to licensing in a highly professional manner without any delays and disruptions.

Good Connections

We have with us people with excellent connections with the local authorities. That is why we have no trouble in any licensing and registration task. We are incredibly punctual and values the time.

Extensive Experience

With the extensive experience in the licensing field, we know all the loopholes and drawbacks in the system and would offer you a successful attempt in the first time. We have with us extensive material for the exam preparations and will offer you all possible assistance to get through your driving exam.

Local Business

We are a German/Thai owned company with the central office in Thailand. This gives us strong roots and connections with the local authorities with the high command in English.

New Thai law means traffic police cannot confiscate driving licences

New Thai law means traffic police cannot confiscate driving licences

Effective from 20th September, traffic police have no authority to confiscate the driving…
New Traffic cameras to bust red light runners (Map here)

New Traffic cameras to bust red light runners (Map here)

BANGKOK — Seeing no cops around doesn’t mean you can get away with…
Crackdown! Tourists may face jail in Pattaya for riding motorcycles without a licence!

Crackdown! Tourists may face jail in Pattaya for riding motorcycles without a licence!

The Pattaya police are coming down hard on tourists who rent motorcycles…
  • positive review  I am just 18 year old but I can get drivers license with this service it's very help me and I am good now to have lc to ride my motorcycle to school. Thank you.

    thumb Kanokkan Chotritthirong

    positive review  I was in a hurry to get my Thai driving license and TDLS was able to streamline the whole process for me. I didn't need to worry about anything except for bringing the right documents, so thank you for help today TDLS. Recommended service 🙂

    thumb Jurrian van Doorn

    positive review  Great service, definitely recommend. In and out of the DLT in about an hour.

    thumb Benjamin Thomas

    positive review  Great service! Thank you

    thumb Nicolai Pinkes
  • positive review  I used TDLS to convert my car license and they also help me trough the process of getting a motorbike license. I would recommend this service to anyone who doesn’t speak Thai.. they are very professional. Thanks a lot

    thumb Nelson Cogels

    positive review  I was really satisfied with the service, very helpful and friendly staff "Katie". quick respond on fb messenger and fair follow up. recommended

    thumb Ramy Helmy

    positive review  outstanding service! my bf converted his license without any hassle

    thumb Mahalia SK Bautista

    positive review  Excellent service. Professional, friendly, and efficient, I upgraded my US license to a Thai driver's license with ease. The staff are helpful, punctual and well spoken. I would highly recommend their service to anyone who wishes to avoid the hassle and possible confusion of attempting this on your own. And, the fees are very reasonable.

    thumb Lawrence Chaney
  • positive review  I converted my South African licence to Thai. The entire process took around 2 hours. I Highly recommend using TDLS! Thank you once again!

    thumb Luke Stevenson

    positive review  Was a great experience doing the license with TDLS fast easy and profetional Highly recomended

    thumb Sheldon Terblanche

    positive review  I got both my car and motorcycle licenses in one shot within 2 hrs. Luckily I brought in my International license which speeded up the process. Great time saving at TDLS!

    thumb Kev Mak

    positive review  I tell my friend and he have it now that’s it and he is happy now I will make as well

    thumb Abdul Razzaq Hussain
  • positive review  Serious company, excellent service. Recommend.

    thumb Holden Raynaud