How to get a medical certificate for Thai driver´s license

The DLT requires a medical certificate for Thai Driver´s License. You can get the medical certificate at any clinic / hospital / doctor, just tell them it is for Thai driver´s license. Usually it takes only a few minutes to get the certificate and cost only between 100 and 700 THB depending on the place.

Note: the medical certificate MAX. 30 days old! for your Thai driver´s license


  1. Go to clinic and ask for the certificate
  2. Doctor ask you questions and fills out the form (note just answer all questions with NO)
  3. Pay the fee and get the certificate


Here are just some clinics where you will be able to get the medical certificate for your Thai driving license:

  • DR. Lamduan Clinic next to DLT Chatuchack, Price 100 THB
  • or any other clinic or hospital

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