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How to get a Certificate of residence in Bangkok

A Residence Certificate is an official letter from the Thailand immigration office stating that you actually reside in the address you claim to live in.

Please note: The DLT recognizes only 2 kinds of certificate it MUST be either from your Embassy or Thai Immigration.

Getting the Certificate of residence at your Embassy

We recommend to get the certificate at the embassy representing your home country.

You should choose this option if you want to accelerate the process. Also if you haven´t done your first 90 day report, then you must choose this option.

The requirements and costs depending on the embassy representing your home country.

Getting the proof of residence at Thai Immigration:

If you’re a resident of Bangkok, you’ll need to get your Residence Certificate at the Division 1 Immigration Office on Chaengwathtana Road. The certificate will cost you 200 baht in Bangkok. On the first floor of the immigration office, you’ll find photo and copy centers if you need them.

  • 120 Thanon Chaeng Watthana, Khwaeng Thung Song Hong, Khet Lak Si, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10210

If you apply for a Residence Certificate at Division 1, keep in mind you can’t get the certificate the same day. They’ll give you a slip with a number on it and mail you the certificate within two weeks. And if you don’t receive the certificate within two weeks, you can go back and pick it up with number on the slip that they give you.

Also, Division 1 only issues Resident Certificates to visa holders who have to report to immigration every 90 days. If you have a 30-day visa exempt stamp or a 60-day tourist visa, you must go to your embassy to get the Resident Certificate.

Application, Forms, and Documents:

Before you apply for your Residence Certificate at Thai Immiration, you’ll need to make sure you have each of these documents on hand:

  1. your passport
  2. copy of your passport’s photo page
  3. copy of your visa (if applicable)
  4. copy of your TM6 Departure Card
  5. copy of your Receipt of Address Notification
  6. copy of your lease/house book with your name and address
  7. two passport-size photos

You should sign all copies in blue ink across the image, not on a blank part of the document. If you sign a blank part of the document someone could cut away your signature and use the rest of the document elsewhere.

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