What type of Driving License do I need to drive in Thailand?

Most expats and even many tourist, prefer to use a motorized vehicle, to commute within Thailand. If you either own or rent a car / motorbike, you should be aware of the actual traffic rules in Thailand. Nowadays, it is very likely to get in a police checkpoint or to get pulled over during driving. Even it got better in recent years, some officers will still try to make a quick buck on a Farang driving in Thailand. In such a case it is best to have the correct driver´s licnese with you. 

Can i just use my national driver´s licnese?

Yes, if you are not a resident (i.e. you are on a tourist visa or exemption of visa), then only need your national driving permit to be able to drive in Thailand. But watch out, some police men may not accept them. 
As a tourist, if you want to rent a car for a few days, you can do so with your national driver´s license. This handled in the Motor Vehicle Act, : 
Section 42-2 
“In case there’s a treaty between the Thai government and a foreign government regarding mutual acceptance of driver’s license, an alien who doesn’t have an immigrant visa may drive a motor vehicle with a driver’s license issued by such a foreign government, or an automobile association authorized by such a foreign government.” 

When do I need a International License?

An international driving permit (IDP) can only be obtained in your home country. It is simply a translation of your original driver´s license into English, certified by the issuing country. In case your national license in not in English it is a good advice to carry a international driving permit. This can save you hassle with the police, if you are able to produce an IDP. 
Be careful of the validity period of your IDP, it can be as short as three or six months. No longer than three years in any case, and no longer than the period of validity of your national permit. Besides, the IDP must be carried together with the national permit to be valid. 
In any case, to determine if you really need an International Driving Permit or not, also depends on a few other things. For example, you should check the requirements of your insurance, as well as any other contract, which could be affected.  

When do I need a Thai driver´s License?

People who are residents in Thailand (on a non-immigrant visa) are required to obtain a Thai driving license in order to legally drive a car or a motorbike.

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